Join Hands As A Reseller And Be A Part Of Next Discovery Manufacturing Company Success history.

We are looking for  predominate entrepreneurs to partner with us and help revolutionise the future of home decor and furniture landscape in Nigeria to ease the unnecessary crave for foreign-made products that can easily be produced locally to meet world international standard.

If you're just trying to make some extra hug cash on the side, Canvas Wall Art and Modern Unique Furniture is the way which has a lot to offer. At NDMC the opportunities are endless ― our state-of-the-art HD printing & Modern Machinery make it easy for us to bring affordable solutions consistently to live.

Resellers are required to make a minimum deposit of N150,000 which will be credited to their reseller internal company purse.
All reseller orders are debited from the reseller's internal company purse. Once your payment is confirmed and account is  activated and upgraded to reseller status, all  orders placed will be charged at reseller rates from your internal  company purse.

To become a reseller, register a regular customer account and contact us on  08137904696 . You will be provided with our bank account information for reseller cash deposits or transfer. All deposits are credited to your internal company purse from which you can place orders.

A reseller deposit may not be less than N150,000 (One  hundred and fifty thousand naira only) at any point in time.
A reseller can refill their internal purse as often as required by making a deposit not less than N150,000 to the company account.

Reseller Discounted Price & Buying Rate:
Our Resellers get attractive discount on all our exclusive products. Call  08137904696  for our reseller package.

Minimum selling rates for resellers:
Resellers should at no point sell below the quoted price on this website.


From setting-up to training, we’ll handhold you through it all!  ALL AT NO CHARGE

Experience amazing profit per item. Join our team of resellers, as we create a success history with our unique products.
Earn and earn big in our reseller scheme. GREAT OPPORTUNITY, GREAT MARGIN.

Attractive Discount on Bulk Purchase
Zero Inventory
Low Working Capital
High Business Independence
Extensive Brand Support